COBRES DE COLOMBIA S.A.S develops a whole philosophy based on satisfying the needs of internal and external customers, therefore Quality is the responsibility of all the people involved in the activities of the organization.

Through objectives and actions for the continuous development of its processes, its people and its products, it fosters permanent communication at all levels of the organization and guarantees productivity and efficiency in its operations, complying with legal and regulatory requirements.


Cobres de Colombia, within the framework of its ECCOS, management system, determines the following purposes to guarantee a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible work environment:

  1. Develop the necessary controls to eliminate hazards and reduce risk factors in all company processes.
  2. Implement the necessary measures for the timely detection, control and reduction of the risks that arise in all the processes of the organization, especially in foundry.
  3. Intervene the mechanical and locative risk in all the processes of the company.
  4. All Cobres de Colombia workers must comply with industrial safety regulations.
  5. Facilitate the training of workers according to the defined training plan.
  6. Facilitate the training of brigade members in each of the areas.
  7. All area supervisors must be certified as brigadiers.
  8. Intervene priority environmental aspects in production processes.
  9. Intervene the environmental risks identified in the organization.
  10. Report every incident or environmental accident in a timely manner.
  11. Train staff in continuous improvement methodology.
  12. Develop actions that allow to maintain and continuously improve the safety, occupational health and ecology management system.