Galvanic Corrosion Risk

We will simulate the galvanic corrosion occurring where two different metals (in this case copper and steel) are electrically bonded and immersed in an electrolyte where acids, salts and bacteria are present, in order to compare the reaction in similar conditions to those of the actual soil.

Solid grounding copper rod kit Copper Ground – COBRES DE COLOMBIA S.A.S

We offer to the market rods and solid grounding copper rod kits under the brand COPPER GROUND, patented in the local market. This video shows their installation in 4 steps, their advantages as well as the certificates supporting their quality.  These rods are also called grounding electrodes and are used for protecting human and animal life as well as electric equipment against electric shocks.

Corporate video COBRES DE COLOMBIA S.A.S

We are the only company nationwide that has a refining and processing plant for copper and its alloys. We have been part of the industry since 1965. Currently, from our headquarters in Acopi, Valle del Cauca, we cover the local and international markets providing timely service, high quality products and competitive prices.

We have the technical and quality certifications that support our experience of more than 50 years complying with the demands of the market and the satisfaction of our customers.